MSNBC Reporter Gets Busted Trying to Shame People For Not Wearing Mask While Cameraman Wasn’t Wearing One!


MSNBC’s Cal Perry was doing a live segment over how people are not social distancing, wearing a mask or really caring at this point over the China Virus. In his quest for glory against evil Americans who just don’t care, the MSNBC fiction reporter got busted by an onlooker who pointed out, while Perry proceeded to shame him for not wearing a mask, “Including your cameraman. Half your crew isn’t wearing them”!

See it’s all BS America. The media doesn’t even believe this virus is as lethal as we’re being told. This is the biggest hoax ever pulled over on people, bigger than “everyone needs a college degree” scam! Why? It’s all about power control and a boat-load of money; Pelosi’s Heroes Act is proof.

The lies and deceit these people in the democrat party controlled media are pushing is beyond despicable. Think about it, this guy has the balls to do a live segment condemning people for not wearing a mask while the camera he’s looking into is being run by someone who isn’t wearing one. They ALL take their masks off; including the goons over at CNN

Take the masks OFF, go back to work, school, whatever it is you were doing before this nonsense started. It’s time for massive civil disobedience that sends a clear message to all the tyrants the jig is up. This FLU and that’s what it is won’t kill you. It has a 98% survival rate it’s not as bad as they thought, now that the damage has been done to the economy, people are out of jobs, suicide rates are up all of which the Left will blame Trump for.

It’s always about money, power and control. This bug opened the door for Leftists to seize power and we fell for it, even Trump did but now he’s wise to it promising NO MORE shutdowns.