These Vids & Pics Prove the Riots Are Organized

There’s all kinds of speculation going around about who is behind the protests.. riots. The Right says it’s Soros, while the media and dems want you to believe white supremacists and Trump supporters (yea!) and the Russians are behind the violence.

These riots are definitely well planned and organized, something the Right is not capable of on a massive scale like we’re seeing. Also the Right when they have held protests, they’re civil/ peaceful, do not get into fights with the police, clean up after themselves and most definitely do not look for bricks to throw.

So here we have a tweet from Elijah Schaffer stating last night in Dallas people were coordinating and directing rioters where to go, pointing out they were making it know where the bricks are.

You see this and shrug it off but then video shows up and there it is, a stack (pallet probably) of bricks.

Another vid has popped up in Fayetteville, NC

Antifa thought this woman would welcome being given a brick…

This These vids alone prove the riots are well organized and financed. First and foremost, there are security cameras all over the place, surely one captured whomever dropped those bricks off. That said who paid for the bricks? Who paid for the purchase (cash probably) or rental of the truck used to deliver them? Who paid the people driving the truck and unloading it? There is a money trail and it will surely point back to a group/individual(s) who are well connected, with a strong network. A high profile community organizer possess these traits and is the type who can pull it off!

The people running these riots in all the major DEMOCRAT run cities need to be charged for domestic terrorism, and I don’t care who it is. The protests are calling for justice for George Floyd, which is coming, but the nation needs justice for those literally burning our communities down.