Dem Rep Compares Federal Agents to KKK, Accuses Trump of Trying ‘To Instigate a Race War’


Rep Bobby Rush showing his solidarity, like all dems, protecting the “protesters” (aka domestic terrorists) as he compared federal agents, sent in to bring order, to the KKK. He didn’t stop there as this monster accused Pres Trump of trying to ‘instigate a race war’!

Dems like Rush to Pelosi, of course BLM, and all the other members of the Alphabet Crime Family, are the ones instigating a race war, because we have one video after another of white people being assaulted by radical blacks emboldened by what they’re seeing around the country as dem mayors and governors REFUSE to bring order to chaos.


It’s only hateful democrats making these outlandish, divisive and inflammatory accusations against POTUS, govt agents, GOP and YOU the American people who support them. You have 104 days to make the necessary changes otherwise this shit will be common occurrence and intensify.