Executive Orders on Gun Control Coming

Minister of Propaganda comrade Psaki confirmed the illegitimate regime is planning to initiate Executive Orders on gun control irregardless that any order, regulation, or law is a direct violation to the Second Amendment.

Before the old guy in cognitive decline leaves office he will fulfill his promises to ban “assault weapons”, and go directly after the gun industry (Side note: More people have been killed with knives than all rifle types combined, but no word on the old fool wanting to ban them!)

This admin and radical Congress don’t care about violating federal law, so you and anyone who supports the Second Amendment and Bill of Rights should have no problem ignoring any order, reg or law coming from them. Unconstitutional laws are unenforceable.

I WILL NOT COMPLY with anything that infringes on my 2A rights.

And FTR Joe, the Founders, after fighting the largest military in the world at the time, fully intended for the People to be as well armed as the govt because they had no intention of being outgunned again, thus keeping it in check. 2A is in fact the fourth branch of checks and balances the People hold over govt. So YES, that means the People CAN POSSESS bazookas, flamethrowers etc etc etc!! YOU FOOLS in govt made up the rules what we can and can’t have because you’re all scared to death of us!