GOP Senators Blast Biden Admin After Seeing Horrendous Conditions at Border

The conditions at the border are as bad if not worse than what we have heard. Today GOP Senators toured the border and illegitimate regimes detention facility housing children calling the regime out over the poor conditions, covid protocols not being covered, and frankly the lies we have been fed by the cognitively challenged fraud and his ilk. Xiden’s open border policy has created a massive humanitarian crisis that is putting men, women and children in harms way as there are reports of assault, sexual assault, and other crimes. Sen Ted Cruz thundered away, making it clear that they observed a body floating in the Rio Grande, while Sen Graham challenged the democrat party controlled media to ask the people working on the border how things are really going.

Pay close attention to his comments, he points out how the transition team was warned to how markers are on the ground showing illegals where to go!!


What you have here is the admin and dem party starting a fire that has gone out of control. Soon they will present a solution, bringing the water to put the fire out, that will screw every single US citizen and be one of the final nails driven into America. The solution will be one to two fold:
The first surely will be a comprehensive immigration bill with dems getting everything they want – illegals being given full citizenship so they can vote, the border will be “secured” but not as you would expect they will be wide open doors of entry.
The second is just a theory but a solid one, the dems through Harris will use the crisis to unseat the old man. She has been tasked to oversee the invasion, where she will be overwhelmed and begin pointing the finger of blame at the old kook. If/when you hear Pelosi and Schumer discussing, even mentioning the 25th Amendment, Kammy will soon follow by invoking it.

This site has warned repeatedly and will do it again: The democrat party is executing Cloward-Piven Strategy to a “T” on massive scale to collapse the US through illegal immigration. A total crisis and collapse is all they need to seize absolute power. This mess on the border opens the door for that to happen.