Biden Issues 6 Executive Orders on Gun Control, Calls For “Assault Weapons” Ban

The illegitimate regime is coming for your guns, and laid the groundwork for future legislation out today via 6 Executive Orders. The old kook is also calling for a ban on “assault weapons,” (aka military style assault weapons) whatever in the hell they are. If you listen to the rhetoric it sounds like the bs you hear from a Bloomberg gun grabbing group or from Gifford’s org. Make no mistake, in between the babbling and lies this SOB is spewing, the end goal is to go after ALL semi-auto weapons.

There is no loophole on background checks, if you think otherwise go to a gun shop or show and try to buy a gun from a dealer without having one done and let us all know how it goes.

Criminals don’t follow laws, they also aren’t sitting at home building guns, some are most aren’t but a law requiring a background check on a paperweight (which is what an unfinished AR-15 lower, or frame for Glock, Sig Sauer and 1911 type frames) is absurd and will not stop gun crime. Most criminals get their weapons on the black market – where guns are acquired from those selling via theft, Mexico, and straw purchases.

The Second Amendment IS absolute, what the hell do you think “Shall Not Be Infringed” means!? Xiden flat out lied – AAP spelled it all out here.

Actual honest experts agree the ’94 Assault Weapons Ban did nothing to change gun violence, it was ineffective.
2013 Washington Post: The last assault-weapons ban didn’t work. Will the new one be different?
2018 LA Times: The assault weapons ban didn’t work. A new version won’t, either
Studies Find No Evidence That Assault Weapon Bans Reduce Homicide Rates

Gun manufacturers are responsible for their products like any other manufacturer if they are defective, but to hold them responsible for how their product is used by an evildoer to another is ABSURD.

Stabilizing Braces do absolutely nothing in the lethality of a weapon. This nut wants you to think they’re more accurate and deadlier than barrel length and rifling! Those SEALs who save Capt Philips from the back of a ship were apparently using the wrong equipment! Those high end rifles, with powerful scopes and long barrels to hit moving targets in a rescue boat were unnecessary apparently, they just needed a couple cheap inferior built AR’s with stabilizers…. eyeroll

Oh the guy Xiden has chosen to run the A F T is conspiracist gun grabber (worked for Bloomberg and Gifford’s anti-gun groups) David Chipman. He claims the Branch Dividians at Waco used .50cal rifles to shoot down 2 helicopters (NEVER happened) and he was part of the Ruby Ridge seize that resulted in the death of a innocent woman! Dave also deleted approx a 1000 tweets after locking down his twitter account – don’t worry nothing to see here….. stay tuned for MULTIPLE Waco’s and Ruby Ridge’s!!

These monsters want to go after ALL semi-auto guns, they’re changing their language to be inclusive of all types it’s why Xiden is going after the stabilizers, just listen to them. Once they get the rifles they’re coming for the handguns that are used far more in violence crime because they need YOU disarmed, defenseless and completely dependent on them, not to mention incapable of being a counter to their tyranny.

Do I need to continue taking this video apart just from the top of my head!? And to be quite frank until Hunter Biden is prosecuted and convicted for outright breaking federal gun laws I don’t want to hear another word on this.