Pelosi Dismisses Border Crisis: “We’re On A Good Path” Under Biden

Little boys alone, walking in the middle of nowhere luckily being seen by off-duty Border agent, toddler girls being dropped 15ft+ from atop of the border fence and left on their own, all being held by the thousands in facilities meant for a few hundred…

….countless other children and adults in danger just crossing the border, not to mention the abuse they’re subjected to along the way is a “good path at the border” according to this MONSTER!

The border needs to be shutdown immediately, but it won’t under this absolutely corrupt regime. Maybe when some terrorists get through and take out some Americans DC will get the hint!? Then again no, they’ll probably blame Pres Trump, conservatives, NRA and guns for whatever happens.

Regardless the Left has put this country on a path to total self-destruction using illegal immigration as their weapon.