Biden DHS: Haitian and Cuban Migrants/Asylum Seekers Trying to Come to US By Sea Will Not Be Allowed In!

Biden DHS: Haitian and Cuban Migrants & Asylum Seekers Trying to Come to US By Sea Will Not Be Allowed In!

“The time is never right to attempt migration by sea … Allow me to be clear: If you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.”

The illegitimate regimes DHS Sec Alejandro Mayorkas more of less said any Haitian and/or Cuban escaping tyranny crossing the sea seeking ASYLUM in the US will be denied entry! Mind you this is the same regime who has opened up America’s southern border to illegal aliens, from just about every single country in the world, giving special treatment to those with smartphones, are well fed seeking “asylum,” because they want better economic opportunities!!

One group is coming here illegally for money, and free stuff claiming “asylum” will be granted entry.
The other are literally escaping actual tyrannical regimes, persecution etc and will be legitimately claiming asylum, but will be denied entry in the US.

Got It?

Here’s why the DEMOCRAT controlled US govt is so hypocritical:
The dems KNOW if the people coming from Haiti and Cuba get to America and stay here they will NEVER vote for democrats because these people know exactly what type of socialist/ communist hell the democrat party is trying to create here.
The illegal aliens don’t know any better, they’re willfully ignorant so long as they get free stuff, AT YOUR EXPENSE, in which the dems KNOW if they get their way on “comprehensive immigration reform” aka AMNESTY illegals will vote for democrats.

That is all this is about, the democrats making sure whomever they let into America will vote for them.

We need our borders shut down, but that won’t happen under this corrupt regime. Their objective to turn the US into a third world dictatorship couldn’t be anymore clear. You need to speak up, get active, regardless of the consequences because at the rate we’re going there’s not going to be an America within the next 25-50 years!