That Time Bernie Sanders and 0bama Praised Cuban Dictator

Have you taken note how quiet the democ…socialists have been since the Cuban people took to the streets calling for liberty and the end of the communist dictatorship!? Did you hear how the obama-biden regimes DHS Sec said anyone attempting to come to the US by sea seeking asylum, in other words Haitians and Cubans, would be refused entry?

Why you wonder? Well these two clips (more out there) of Sen Sanders and 0bama praising the commie dictatorship should tell you all you need to know since these “leaders” of the socialist party are HUGE fans of the Cuban commie regime.


Socialists hate the news and footage coming out of Cuba. It proves again socialism/ communism that they’re trying to transform America into doesn’t work. They don’t even want the people coming here because they know Cubans who earn US citizenship will NEVER vote for democrats. They’ve seen firsthand how destructive and oppressive their policies become.