Americans Have Been Abandoned in Afghanistan by Biden Admin

Gen McKenzie, who takes his orders from Gen Milley who gets his orders from joe biden, announced today all US troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan and that “the vast majority of those [US Citizens] who wanted to leave” Afghanistan have been evacuated.

[*These are the highlights, full uncut presser is below]

In other words the President of the United States has abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, leaving them at the mercy of the taliban.
Keep in mind the taliban have already been executing people who worked against them…. like this poor fellow being HUNG from a Blackhawk helicopter (courtesy of biden, democrats and nevertrumpers).

So biden really left Americans for dead for a photo op he and his handlers are going for on the coming 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. We all know thats what they’re working on, to get US troops out under a democrat president before the anniversary who will brag about how republicans started the fight and it was democrats who ended the bloodshed. You’ll see.

ALL you Leftists own the carnage as fallen US Marine Rylee McCollum’s mother perfectly spelled out, ‘…for every democrat who cheated or voted for biden, that left my son in harm’s way, and allowed this dementia ridden piece of crap who was a treasonous man, who just got into office because he was running out of funds for his family, you did this to my son! Every democrat that’s listening you did this to my son to prop up a disgusting human being.’

Full presser