Marine Lt Col Relieved of Duty Resigned! “Follow Me And We Will Bring The Whole F****** System Down”

US Marine Lt Col Stuart Scheller, who was relieved of duty for simply asking for accountability from his superior leaders, has RESIGNED his commission in the US Marine Corps! As he explains in the video he loves his job, served honorably but stated when his honor was questioned by another Lt Col he looked up to (who from the sounds of it was muscled out as well) it hit a nerve with Scheller where he resigned his commission in the USMC effective immediately, giving up his pension/ retirement and all benefits afforded to him!!

Not sure what Scheller has planned, surely the tyrants will read too much into this and try to pin “radical” and “insurrectionist” on him. But it sounds like he’s ready to rat people out, “When I am done with what I am about to do, you’re all are going to need the jobs and the security.,” he continued calling on his supporters to Follow me and we will bring the whole F***** system down.”

Scheller might be that leader people are looking for right now we’re not getting from those elected to office. He’s a Marine who asked a simple question and is being treated like a traitor now, while the real traitor (one of many) Lt Col Vindman is celebrated!