Biden Admin Pushing For Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers For Illegals

Not only is the illegitimate regime breaking multiple laws allowing and helping illegal aliens into the country, they’ve decided to take things up a notch, at YOUR EXPENSE, by also providing illegals who have no respect for our laws and sovereignty, with lawyers!

FYI the Vera Institute of Justice, is a spinoff of the Open Society which of course is run by George Soros! No surprise the dark lord is behind this.

Is there any doubt at this point this regime and Leftists consider uneducated, unskilled, illegals as first class citizens worthy of taxpayer funded legal representation? Do these people even understand they’re being used, it’s slave labor really by the people who want power over all of us?

Illegals ARE NOT escaping from genocide, war, religious or political prosecution, so how can they seek asylum? These people are only coming here because their countries are economic disasters and the democrats promise to give them free stuff. How is that grounds for asylum? It’s not, the Left as usual is bending the rules to get power in this country. They’re overwhelming the system to cause a collapse so they can step in to “fix” things, to build back better, where the US will join Cuba, Venezuela and other socialist nightmare nations.

We need lawyers to go after politicians up to and including the Executive Branch who are violating federal immigration laws. When people start going to jail for what is going this nonsense will stop at the govt level. We also need patriots, if there are any out there, to secure the border because this corrupt govt won’t do it.

It’s not 1776, it’s 1861.