Psaki Admits Biden Admin is Releasing Infected Illegals Into Texas

While the media and Big Tech tyrants continue to silence the truth and dissent, here we have it right from the regime’s propaganda minister that they are releasing INFECTED illegals into Texas and the US interior. Keep in mind this is the same admin wanting everyone to get an EXPERIMENTAL UNTESTED (time) shot for a bug with a 99.96% survival rate among relatively healthy people of all ages.

Jenny just bragged that the authorities in McAllen, Texas have had to set up a tent facility for “migrants,” right the ones they cut loose who are sick! She left out how the people in McAllen are furious if not enraged over this mess and DO NOT WANT these illegals in their community.

This is the same admin telling you to mask up everywhere you go, is considering another lockdown and will require ANYONE traveling to the USA to have gotten the shot in order to enter! But illegals, they not only can break the law to enter the US, they can also enter being sick posing a national security threat to public health without the regime giving it a second thought!

Do you see what’s going on here? The Left has NO desire to stop the bug, they’re drunk with the newfound power it gave them to shut this country down, control our lives and steal an election. Allowing infected illegals into the US does two things:
It continues the outbreak, right into 2022 elections to justify the same tactics they used in 2020 to steal the presidency, and
Makes it clear dems want to overwhelm the system (Cloward-Piven) to collapse the USA via illegal immigration because they THINK they will be standing tall when the dust settles to build back better!

You’ve been warned.