The Great One Savages the GOP Over Disastrous Biden!

When the Great One Mark Levin speaks people need to stop and listen to what he’s saying. Tonight on Hannity as you would expect he took shots at the old guy for being corrupt, a tool of the Left and ‘the most disastrous president in modern American history’. Everything he said was true about the damage Dementia Man Bad is doing, taking the US down a path of destruction, but then Levin put his sights on the GOP.

He railed on the GOP how useless they are by taking no action whatsoever against the worst POTUS in US history! When Trump was President the democrats wanted to invoke the 25th Amendment and of course tried to impeach him for doing his job. And let’s not forget when they tried to impeach him again after leaving office… so where’s the GOP?

To date the GOP bitches and moans about the old guy, running to Fox News, conservative radio and social media but they’ve done NOTHING!!

Where are the articles of impeachment, why aren’t they talking about invoking the 25th Amendment… think about it!? The Left claimed Trump was mentally unhinged/ unstable/ incapacitated and out of control, while putting America in the best position possible economically and in global standing. So if he was out of it mentally what in the hell do you call biden?! If Trump was nuts then biden is certifiably insane!

That said where is the GOP? Nowhere, they’re useless as Levin more or less spelled out. His appearance tonight was more of an attack on how useless they are in the midst of the worst POTUS this country has ever had which is really a national security threat. GOP cares more about party power and donations than you and me. They are the problems as much as the old fool and the harlot waiting to take over. They’re spineless, incompetent and impotent. We not only need to run all sitting democ.. socialists out of office but 99% of the GOP has to go too!

Don’t expect to see them change their tune after being eviscerated in front of millions of Hannity viewers. They’ll shrug it, if not attack him! We’re really screwed… a reset is inevitable and desperately needed at this point!