Biden Climate Czar: “By 2030 in the United States, We Will NOT Have Coal Plants”

Climate czar John Kerry is confident that by 2030, less than 9 years from now, the US will not have coal plants! That means A LOT of Americans are going to be living in the dark, freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.

Has this hypocritical monster explained in detail how America’s ever increasing energy demand will be met? NOPE

For the record California, the progressives model for the USA, is already on course for this utopian nightmare where the state suffers from brown and black outs because there isn’t enough power at times. They can’t make it work there how are they going to make it work for an entire country!? Windmills and solar power are not capable of generating the power we need. BILLIONAIRE T Boone Pickens, before his death, was entertaining the idea of a massive wind farm but gave up on it because it still would not meet our energy needs.

So one has to ask mash-potato face Kerry where we’re getting all this power from when US coal plants, WHICH RUN EXTREMELY CLEAN vs China, Russia, India that are filthy and responsible for most of the pollution, are taken off line? There is NOTHING in development right now to meet our energy needs. These climate change monsters are going to destroy this country while killing A LOT of Americans in the process! Yea, people will actually die if this happens. There won’t be enough power to run factories and/or power refrigeration to produce and maintain food supply, but more importantly life giving medicine. People will die from lack of heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Kerry, AOC, the old guy and their boss obama have no clue what they’re doing… or maybe they do and wiping out a good chunk of the American population is the plan. Smaller population is much easier to control……..