Media LIES Covering For RACIST in Chief Who Did Call Baseball Legend a ‘Great Negro’

During his Veterans Day speech the illegitimate RACIST in chief spoke of baseball legend Satchel Paige, referring to him as a QUOTE ‘great negro at the time’. He said this clear as day, there’s no question, and yet the media jumped to tell America what they heard him say is not so and a gaffe!

Transcript directly from YouTube

Is what he said racist? While negro is a step away from n***er when put into proper context Not really, there was a Negro Baseball League back in the time-before when democrats were engaged in segregation and all their other acts of racism that they like to pin on the republicans. Usage of the word is not racist, it sounds bad but it was not used in a derogatory way, I mean the United Negro College Fund is still up and running, they haven’t changed the name!

The real issue here is how quickly Mediaite and other Leftist controlled media outlets jumped to gaslight this county to protect the fool.
Here’s why this matters:
#1 They didn’t listen to how it was said in full context, in this case is wasn’t in a racist manner. So again we have proof of the media NOT doing their job running with an op to create a narrative to protect an elite.
#2 MORE IMPORTANTLY, they jumped because they KNOW joe is a racist!

Got it?

The Left KNOWS dementiajoe is a racist so without even having all the facts they jumped to protect him!

These people are pure evil, they will craft a narrative to protect anyone on their side even those who have committed crimes. They put party and agenda ahead of country and fact. The problem is the media not the old guy in this case. They are Enemies of the People as President Trump rightfully stated.