DHS Sec Claims Paying Illegal Immigrants Would Not Be An Incentive For More Illegals

DHS Sec Mayorkas got grilled by the GOP in the Senate Judiciary Committee over immigration where he was incapable of giving straight answers, defiant and even “offended” by some of the language being used, ‘kids in cages’. In this heated exchange with Sen Cruz, Mayorkas claimed paying illegals up to $1.8M in taxpayers hard earned dollars would not be a “pull factor” /incentive to come to the US illegally cross our border!

Look at him, look how defiant Mayorkas is towards the end looking away from Sen Cruz. This is typical of hardcore Leftists, thinking they’re above everyone else.

This monster and the regime are blatantly violating federal immigration laws every single day. No one seems to want to do anything about it either except chew guys like this clown out for hot social media clips.

This govt is out of control, they ARE in the process of turning America into a larger version of California which will result in permanent one party rule and 2 classes of citizens – rich and super poor.