Pelosi: I am Running For Re-Election

Oh rejoice America, this corrupt old fossil announced it is running for re-election. Pelozei says there is still more work to do to end dark money in politics(YES she actually said this), improve people’s lives, assaults on the truth the Capitol and “voting rights”!

Y’all know why this monster can run again don’t you?
Because the fix is in!
First off, CA is under one party rule, so she’s already got a lock. Second, she knows even if she had a viable challenger, because the state is under one party rule those same people control the election system and will make sure that viable candidate “put up a hell of fight… it came down to the wire of the last few votes but the Speaker managed to pull off a victory”! I mean you don’t really think the shananigans of 2020 is only limited to Trump!? No, no, no because the GOP has done nothing to change things progressives know they can go ahead and steal any election they need to!

This monster running again at 81yo is one more example how far gone our country has become. These monsters have built multimillion dollar empires… kingdoms with plenty of DARL MONEY coming in to guarantee they stay in power for as long as they want!

We’re just about out of options to fix this country, people better get active more specificially with Convention of States movement because that is the last tool the Founders gave us to stop the tyrants in govt. And NO if we have an A5 convention it doesn’t mean all the Amendments are in danger of being rewritten, unless you think 3/4 of the states would agree to get rid of them! Mark Levin made the case for The Liberty Amendments in 2013

Tempus Fugit…..