Busloads of Illegal Aliens Continue to be Released in TX

The VP is doing a heck of job as border czar ensuring NO ONE interferes with the regimes plans to flood TX as well as other red states with illegal.. undocumented democrat voters. You didn’t really think her job was to secure the border and stop the invasion did you? Silly Americans you can be so naive at times.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin has been doing an excellent job reporting on the regime’s massive plan to change America’s demographics filming busloads of illegals, who should be deported, getting released in TX.

They’re even cutting some who are in handcuffs loose! Don’t worry nothing to see here….

Do you think the border agents following the orders of Sec Mayorkas, who is following dementiajoe’s orders, understand they’re breaking federal laws like their bosses?? If we had actual leadership the laws pointed out repeatedly on this site would be invoked putting these criminals, govt officials as well as illegals, IN JAIL!

Someday, someone, somewhere is going to grow a pair of balls and issue arrest warrants for whoever is running these drop off points that rented the building space(s), the agents involved(including the bus drivers), their superiors, DHS Sec(who just said he is going to violate the law), vp and the old guy because they are breaking federal laws. Until we see govt officials in handcuffs the invasion is NEVER going to stop. Instead, the US will be turned into a larger version of California, resulting in one party rule. And when that happens you can kiss YOUR MONEY and all your rights goodbye!