Fạủcỉ: A ‘3 Dọse Regimen’ Is Likely for Kids Under 4

This monster and his enablers continue to push the need for an UNTESTED EXPERIMENTAL compound THAT DOES NOT WORK to be administered to children who are at NO RISK and never were.

Listen to him again he clearly states they’re still doing clinical trials – WHO in their right mind thinks it’s okay to inject CHILDREN under 4 with 3 doses of an experimental “vạccỉnẹ”??

You all do understand normally a drug goes through trials for 3-5 years, which years after research, to get the data needed for FDA approval? That never happened with this bug, instead YOU and your children ARE THE LAB RATS providing the data!

People already got 3 shots and the bọọster, and are still getting sick! Some don’t even know they’re sick while others with multiple comorbidities feel, with some few now being hospitalized and/or dying. If you’re relatively healthy of any age you have a 99.96% survival rate. DrMengeleFauci and his ilk are doing this for power and control that’s it!

STOP COMPLYING, the longer you do what they want the more power they take we will NEVER get back. And don’t you dare make your kids get jạbbed, they don’t need it!