Kamala LAUGHS at Americans Struggling To Pay for Expensive Gas

the illegitimate idiot found it quite funny about the memes going around social media over how Americans struggle to pay at the pump. The regimes policies caused all of this and have set the US economy on fire while this idiot and her dementia ridden boss go around laughing and blaming just about everyone.

Econ 101 – when supply is down and demand is up the price goes up for things.

They have deliberately put chains on the US oil industry in the name of JUNK FAKE climate change science. They don’t care how much money you have to spend to fill up at the pump and checkout to eat.

Oh and you better stock up on tinfoil too, aluminum prices are probably gonna skyrocket now

Elections have consequences, sitting at home, not volunteering at polling stations results in one party rule. Progs stole the WH and majority in Congress in 2020, and from the way things look now they’re gonna do it again because Americans who are bitching haven’t done a damn thing about any of it.