Bob Beckel Bellows ‘Bullshit’ At Eric Bolling on The Five Following Herman Cains Press Conference

Amazing how this guy continues to run his mouth with profanity and hasn’t been booted off! Imagine if Beck did this during his Fox show at the same timeslot!

I think Beckel might be right though and Beck suggested the same thing during his show on GBTV just as Cain hints to the machine is behind this… but which side? IMO the democratic machine is at play in the media witch hunt to destroy Cain but it is plausible that someone or many in the GOP want him out too. Cain is not part of the GOP establishment he is a threat to any of the traditional candidates because he came from corporate America. People are still supporting him so its no wonder the attacks continue and makes sesne why Cain said during his press conference there will probably be more. Both sides in effect are threatened by his popularity!

Full video of Cains Press conference