Black Panthers Issue Wanted Dead or Alive Poster for George Zimmerman

One thing is for sure if you want to know where all the racists in the country are they are all gathering in Sanford, FL over the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin. If it isn’t bad enough with this guy shooting this kid we have Sharpton, Jackson, and Farrakhan chiming in amping up the situation and now the New Black Panthers Party is getting into it issuing this Dead or Alive Poster.

Child killer of Trayvon Martin

This shooting which is not being dismissed at any level is becoming completely politicized by the left and turned into a race baiting event by those listed above. There is no indication this is race related. Furthermore this Zimmerman is multiracial, he is half Jewish half Hispanic! These hardcore racists sticking their noses in this will only make matters worse, esp since the media is only fueling it by their silence that it isn’t race related. Since none of us know what happened that night there will be NO speculation here but we all can agree we want justice. This is for the police, FBI and FL State Attorney to handle.

Speaking of law enforcement, I’d like to know why nothing is being done about this poster from the Black Pussy Cats Panthers? Exactly how is it they can inject themselves into this calling for Zimmerman Dead or Alive? Did I miss something? Has law enforcement collapsed in FL and this is why they are getting involved creating a Wild West environment. Or is it fear in countering them where those who would counter the Black Pussy Cats Panthers will be labeled racists?

Someone of authority needs to step in and stop this before it gets out of hand. We have people on MSNBC blaming everyone from rhetoric out of Santorum to the NRA to Geraldo Rivera claiming its the hoodies fault (Trayvon was wearing one). Then you have Occupy using this as an excuse to go berserk too! It would be nice if our first MIXED RACE president would speak out on this, but no he had the opportunity and made a typical Obama statement.

So let me take a crack at something our great leader should have done. Calm down people let the investigators do their jobs… all you race baiters KNOCK IT OFF!