Zimmerman Family Member to NAACP ‘There Will Be Blood On Your Hands’

This is a letter from a Zimmerman family member to the head of the NAACP for Seminole County FL. It points out how George has already been tried and convicted in the public court; or as the Black Panther who put a bounty on his head “street law”.

The biggest shocker in the letter describes how George was one of a few who stepped up to the plate when NO ONE ELSE would to organize and protest the beating of a black homeless man, Sherman Ware, in 2010 by the son of a Sanford Police officer!! That story alone about what he did in the Ware case should be more than enough proof the shooting was not racially driven. Did Toure` over at MSNBC speak about that? How about the judge, jury and executioners on any of the other Obama Stream Media networks? Has the good Rev Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan mentioned this when they announced their plans. What does Malik Zulu Shabazz have to say about it?

Once again America you are witnessing the failure of the media to have this information. We have to learn of this through a letter that was shared with the Daily Caller! You would think trained journalists who rushed to Sanford would do their DAMN jobs and investigate. No, that is too much to expect from them. George Zimmerman is not a racist, he is not a murderer… frankly we don’t know who/ what he is because NONE OF US know the facts of what took place that night. But when information like this comes to light it cannot be ignored.

For the biased fringe Obama media and the radical racists running loose in this country to continue to lie and deceive the public its abundantly clear they do not want the truth out, they only seek to advance their agenda. That is the purpose for this post as well as any other Martin Case posts on STR blog. To demonstrate failure after failure by the media and how we must get the truth out. The left cannot stand the truth being aired out when it interferes with their agenda.

One thing for sure is correct in this letter, if any blood is spilled by Zimmerman or anyone in his family it will not only be on the hands of the NAACP but also Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, the Black Panthers and the Obama Stream Media!

Zimmerman family member letter to NAACP