Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Not Over, Counter “Kiss” Protest Planned for Friday

I know many had to wait in some long lines yesterday but I think we should hold the line so to speak and take this into tomorrow. Looks like those in opposition are planning to make friday National Same Sex Kiss Day.

So this is the best those of you in opposition can come up with? Having a same sex makeout session in front of a families with young children who are only out for a good time and meal? Do you degenerates think this is a good idea? Please note I’m not talking about general gay community, I’m addressing the militant ones who will make spectacles of themselves in disgusting exhibitions in front of these restaurants.

To hell with families and corrupting the minds of children right?!

It’s all about you! It’s your way or no way! Those of you who will be participating in gross over-the-top exhibitions are vile scum with NO MORALS whatsoever! All you’re doing is hurting yourselves and your cause. Your hand grenade method only creates more divisiveness!