Sen Feinstein Can’t Recall How Many DUIs an Illegal Can Have and Still Be Legalized Under Amnesty Bill

This destroyer of the Republic can’t answer the question because she never read the bill she voted for. RubioCare in fact provides criminality waivers for illegals! People the best defense to defeat RubioCare is to corner all the progressives like this get them on tape unaware of the controversial sections of the bill and share it with as many people as possible.

We can’t win the battle the old-fashioned way, we have to use their own words to take down them and this ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill. They win the battle when they play the emotional card for “poor people” and this bill is for the future of “our children”. We have to be smarter and 10 steps ahead. Cite the absurdities with RubioCare and get it to as many as possible esp constituents of Reps on the fence in the House.

No ILLEGAL ALIEN amnesty bill can be permitted to come to a vote in the House. Hammer Congress relentlessly, our lives and future of this nation are on the line!