Forensic Expert Testifies ‘Medical Evidence Is Consistent’ With Zimmerman Being Attacked

With the weak case presented by the prosecution (not their fault) and the current case being presented by the defense it’s highly unlikely George Zimmerman will be found guilty of 2nd degree murder. Dr. Vincent di Maio confirmed that the gunshot wound was fired at close range that Zimmerman could not have been on top, and Zimmerman’s head injuries were a result of impact with the sidewalk. Science trumps emotions so you can be sure the race hustlers, from Hollywood to Congress, will be rattling the cages of the drone army.

I hope the people of Sanford and surrounding cities and towns in FL are preparing for the worst case scenario. I also hope folks in other parts of the country are alert that trouble MAY be in their communities too. Death threats are being made against Zimmerman around the country, there is clothing line calling for him to be killed, some Facebook pages have popped up calling for that as well. This type of atmosphere didn’t exist prior to the Rodney King ruling and we saw how that ended.

To think nothing bad will happen should Zimmerman be acquitted is beyond naive. People in this nation become unhinged quite easily, even following sports event championships we have seen mass riots in celebration. If violence follows the verdict of this trial I fear we will see things that dwarf what we witnessed in Los Angeles ’92.