Libs Claim Conservatives Plan Armed White House Takeover

Media Matters lib, Eric Boehlert, stoking the flames! Is don Soros getting annoyed with you because things haven’t gone exactly to plan?!

What I find so amazing about all these calls to “seize the White House” an “armed insurrection” are all calls by radical leftists. The same radical leftists who have a history of trying to in fact do what they claim the right is trying to do!

Any and all calls of “insurrection” by the far right all revolve around LEGAL court action! Haven’t seen anyone calling for violence because we know that is exactly what you lefty loons want. You guys didn’t have the guts to do it yourselves in the 60’s then you went into hiding. While hiding in the shadows like cockroaches some of you got yourselves jobs at universities to brainwash the youth to do your bidding. You guys even tried getting the dirty, smelly, brainless Occupy drones to do your dirty work. You know, what you guys are doing is no different from leaders of terrorist groups! You amp up your following to go do the fighting you don’t have the balls to do!

Just so you know lefty loons in the end the good guys ALWAYS win!