Chuck Todd Grills Jay Carney: Why Won’t The White House Put People Back To Work Today?

Regime propagandist Jay Carney refuses to acknowledge the republicants have backed off their demands, have passed several bills to fund government (from day one actually) which have all been refused by Team Obama/Reid! Carnival Carney claims the piece-mail bills being passed are “inappropriate and bad for the economy and bad for our democracy to negotiate over the fundamental responsibility Congress has to keep the government running and pay the United States bills.” How is that? How is it inappropriate for the House to do what it is legally delegated to do via the Constitution? The House holds the purse strings not the president!

No matter what you hear from the regime understand the House has passed bills to keep the government running. It is Team Obama/Reid that have initiated the shutdown and are trying to capitalize politically from it. They have and still are the only ones who want a shutdown. Be forewarned emperor zero is trying to tie all of this together on a global economic scale. The US is not going to default over this debate. He is using scare tactics and in fact setting up the right to be economic terrorists responsible for a global economic meltdown for when the US economy finally collapses!