Rep Gohmert Warns of “Secret Security Force” Set Up Under Obamacare

Rep Gohmert spoke on the Janet Mefferd show about the DHS buildup but went a step further to address the provision buried in obamacare that allows for a “secret security force”.

DHS is arming up but we also know the individual behind a lot of the stockpiling was nuts, a racist planning for end times! I’m not dismissing the build up by DHS but I want to make sure people keep things in perspective.

Now those that have been following STR from the beginning this should not be news to you! I first “warned” about this secret security force aka “Regular Corps and a Ready Reserve Corps” in March of 2010 in this video compilation with Judge Napolitano spelling it out that they will train with the military, have similar powers as those in the military etc…
Is Obama’s National Security Force Coming Via Obamacare??

Judge Napolitano again speaking on this reserve force with Eric Bolling…

The Regular Corps and a Ready Reserve Corps provision is in Sec 5210 of obamacare and these “troops” would under the direction of POTUS via the Surgeon General. To this day we don’t know who put this provision in obamacare, let alone who wrote obamacare, but it’s in there. With that is the standing question as to why we would need such a force under the direction of the Surgeon General in the first place since we already have an army, navy, marine corps, air force, coast guard, national guard, various local and state law enforcement agencies? I can understand how something like this MAY be needed internationally but domestic?

What does the president need with a private army to keep us healthy?!! This thing still stinks 3 years later, when you couple it with the buildup of DHS it can be scary to some. This is just one of the many gems buried in the bill we had to first pass to find out whats in it.