Boehner Will Join House Dems in Giving Obama a Clean Debt Limit Bill

Once again Boehner is bowing to the imperial emperor and putting the American people further into debt. It’s no wonder the Senate Conservatives Fund is “calling for his head” to be removed as Speaker. There are far too many people in DC calling themselves republicans claiming they are conservatives whose actions are truly democrat. Understand this your parents & grandparents democrats of yesterday are now socialists, many closet communists, and republicans are democrats. There is just a handful of rebels in DC who are true republicans/ conservatives. Hiking the debt limit without any strings tied to it is irresponsible and a slap in the face to Americans.

These monsters keep racking up the debt and take no measure to curb spending. Those of you living pay check to paycheck, start charging everything to your credit card and then ask your bank for a higher limit and see what happens!

All incumbents MUST be removed from power!