Thousands of Unemployed Veterans Marched on Washington 1932, Feared by Pres Hoover They Were Attacked by the Military…

….. Millions Unemployed in 2014 Remain Silent

Interesting piece of history that as far as I know hasn’t been told let alone taught in schools. This is history progressives want removed and forgotten. A few hundred soldiers and military hardware can control thousands in DC. Take note approx 45,000 UNEMPLOYED Veterans following WWI OCCUPIED the nations capital, with thousands more on the way who were PHYSICALLY surrounding the capital…. Marchers stayed camped out in central Washington, all they wanted was the cash bonus they were promised, to be paid out by 1945 in 1932, because the depression left them in dire straits with families to feed. The Senate rejected the protestors demands went into recess where Pres Hoover FEARING the protestors called in the military (under McArthur & Eisenhower) to remove them!

We have people today just as enraged in the millions not in the thousands as they were in 1932. There are over 100 MILLION Americans, many of which are veterans, UNEMPLOYED RIGHT NOW because of DC’s policies but the city is a ghost town! WHY! Even with the threat of military being used for crowd control we still outnumber them! We SURROUND THEM! And it is because of this, this history is not told, just like the Battle of Athens GA! The govt doesn’t want the people to know they fear us. What could they possibly do to millions showing up and setting camp in DC until they stop the economic and social abuses they are engaged in through corrupt legislation, like obamacare, bank bailouts and executive fiat??

So what is your excuse today America? Oh wait I know you’re too busy someone else will do it because you have work so you don’t care it doesn’t really concern you, kids activities, dinner to make, lawn to cut, sale to get in on, maybe some big game or reality show you HAVE to watch. I’m sorry I forgot how busy you all are while your Republic BURNS to the ground, that you without doubt will complain about “why didn’t someone do something” bleeeehhh.

The Iranian people got it in ’09 and so did the Egyptian people TWICE in the last few years. Neither has a Constitution protecting their rights of speech and protest but they did it anyway KNOWING they could die. America you take your way of life and the privileges here way too far for granted. These veterans in the 1930’s KNEW what they were getting into but they did it anyway. The power elite are responsible for everything going wrong in the US WHEN WILL YOU ALL WAKE THE HELL UP and take you country back? It is dictated in our Founding Documents the we have the right to do so “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security….”