Top House Republican: We Already Caught WH Lying About IRS Scandal

Republicans like Rep Kevin Brady keep talking about what they have and know but none of them are taking action to have anyone brought to justice. We saw the emails of Lerner conspiring against the TEA Party and conservatives. We know the regime met with IRS head Doug Schulman 150+ times. There is no way, no way this scandal isn’t tied to the imperial regime. No documents, emails or recorded phone calls will ever be found because regime members aren’t that stupid and arrogant to keep anything that could hang themselves (even at the level we have seen!).

Instead it’s hints, odd discussions with “looks” suggesting one to take action; something within the line of “we got that problem in the south that really needs some attention” followed with a raised eyebrow. There will be no smoking gun leading to emperor obama because whatever was ordered, if by him, went through Sub-President Valerie Jarrett. Her very existence provides him an escape hatch via plausible deniability. Technically as I understand it she has no authority, yet has her own Secret Service detail! Last but not least Lerner and whomever knows what is going on won’t roll on the regime. They will not put whatever future, nest egg or frankly their life on the line.

Not what you want to hear huh? Well that’s why I am here to explain the tough love and to get you fired up to ride your elected leaders to take action, look for a Capone angle to bring these people in power down. If they don’t then it is on you to remove that ineffective Senator or Representative from power. That pretty much is the stage we are at now with this impotent Congress, they are standing on the sidelines doing nothing but watching this administration burn Rome to the ground!