Krauthammer: New Benghazi Emails Are Equivalent of the Nixon Tapes

Charles is correct but the difference between Nixon and obama is no one died over Watergate! The other difference between the Nixon era and today is we have a Congress that is incompetent, inept and complicit with the crimes being committed by this lawless president. The progressives have seized power so brilliantly the people don’t even realize they are responsible for the mess we have today. Because so many are complacent, refuse to vote and be active the SOB’s like Harry Reid have been able to stay in office for decades rising to power, in his case as Senate Majority Leader. Reid is obama’s political bodyguard and henchman nothing gets done now in Congress unless it is in line with his majesty’s agenda. Nixon didn’t have a bodyguard running the Senate and we know how things went for him over wiretapping and theft!

Think about that Nixon resigned over wiretapping and theft while we have emperor obama who is running guns to Al Qaeda, weaponizing govt agencies like the IRS, DOJ, EPA, BLM against his political enemies (i.e. you and I!), is now on record LYING to the nation over obamacare, the numerous violations of the law via Executive Orders did I mention the NSA?

Lets also not forget (even though it isn’t a criminal act) Obama has taken a wrecking ball to the economy attacking those who are successful who create jobs and wealth. You would think this Congress would have had enough by now and take action to stop him but they won’t. They will have a select committee to investigate Benghazi but I can assure you nothing will happen. Eric Holder remains unscathed after being held in contempt of Congress over Fast & Furious do you really believe anything will happen to obama with Benghazi??

There are people like former NSC spokesman Tommy Vietor prepared to fall on their sword for obama. The nation is in full distress people just refuse to see it and there is NO ONE coming to our rescue not even those who take honor very seriously that swore an oath to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.