Judge Pirro: Obama ‘Destroying’ the US, Demands His Impeachment

Pirro delivers her weekly evisceration of the dictator in chief, ripping him apart for his handling of the Bowe Bergdahl release for the Gitmo 5, or as Sen Graham calls them “Taliban Dream Team”. The Judge lays out the main problem with this country and something pointed out repeatedly on this site. Too much power is being ceded to the Executive Branch by our do nothing Congress to where it has set precedent and these constant violations of the law are now the norm. Obama’s actions are putting this nation in outright danger where no one in DC seems to want to do anything about it!

Bergdahl’s release just told all our enemies around the world it is now open season on Americans. Obama has shown he has no respect for the rule of law or the consequences for his actions. He is, as Pirro says “destroying the country” where impeachment would be the next logical step in a sane world. That option is off the table as long as Harry Reid runs the Senate. Yes the House could impeach obama but the Senate must try him and that will NEVER HAPPEN! Sadly we live in insane times where those “employed” by the people to take action are silent and complicit with the destruction of our Republic.

Those of you in the military you need to listen to the last few lines of Pirro’s opening statement. How much more abuse do you need to see and feel until you will do what you are obligated to do under the oath you took against all enemies foreign and domestic? Your commander-in-chief is lawless and reckless, Congress is impotent and complicit, the federal court system corrupt and politically motivated. You the military is all the people have left to rely on to set things straight… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?