Here’s Why the House GOP Had to Cancel the Immigration Bill Vote… Be Happy America You Just Dodged a Bullet! [Watch]

The House GOP is being attacked vehemently from both sides for not taking up a vote on a border bailout bill. Many conservatives, like Erick Erickson, do not understand or cannot comprehend why this bill really had to fail do they? So why is this a good thing in dodging a bullet??

We were warned a year ago that no border related bill could be passed in the House, I’ll say it again NO BORDER RELATED BILL could come out of the House! Why? Because it would end up going to the Senate in Conference to be merged with the Senates Amnesty bill! This is the Trojan Horse we were warned about by House rebels (who were among 70 last year revolting) Bachmann, Gohmert and Steve King… watch!!

Do some homework and you will see clips or quotes from all democrats pushing amnesty who are almost BEGGING the House to pass anything border/ immigration related! This is because they would take the good parts from a bill passed in the House and merge it with the Senates bill. What that means boys and girls is if this House bill had passed we may very well be looking at amnesty! Harry Reid even suggested the other day a House passed immigration related bill could go to Conference with the Senates passed amnesty bill!

Consider this dead bill a win, but understand the GOP is under threat because of obama’s executive order threats. Pressure them to back off and pass nothing let obama and the dems hang themselves on another unilateral action! It’s a gamble but the political fallout they will have to contend with from their own constituents may be enough to run them all out of office. Any conservative complaining about it failing is an idiot for going on the attack who hasn’t put the pieces together to understand what ANY border bill out of the House would mean in the bigger picture!