Senator “Pocahontas”: Government Shutdown Was Attempt to Deny Women Access to Birth Control


Please let Pocahontas run against Hillary in 2016. NO ONE said anything EVER about cutting off birth control to women. Hobby Lobby ruling was over the HHS mandate, NOT obamacare! The left loves to leave that fact out all the time. There was nothing in obamacare mandating a private company has to provide the abortion pill!

The govt shutdown had nothing to do with birth control it has to do with the nightmare that came apart at the seams in the weeks that followed. Frankly Ted Cruz and the rebels who stood with him were vindicated when the garbage law was implemented and the website failed miserably. The shutdown was a result of Reid and obama REFUSING to work with the GOP who made 11 attempts to reopen the government! The shutdown also did not nearly tank the economy senator, but this law you back 100% is doing one hell of job at making sure the economy collapses!