Judge Pirro Rails on Obama Being “Too Inexperienced, Out of Touch and Disengaged” Watching ISIS Rise to Power

Another week another great opening statement from the Judge.

Pirro hammered obama for being wrong over and over again, miscalculating and underestimating ISIS at every turn. Obama is putting the nation in grave danger because he is, as Pirro states, too inexperienced out of touch and disengaged. His weak actions lack of any foreign policy is in fact empowering our enemies around the world while trying to save face dropping water and MRE’s to people who are willing to fight but need the proper weapons to take on radical extremists like ISIS.

On every major issue obama looks for the easy way to do things, to do just enough to give the impression he is active and engaged. This is typical trait of community organizers who are used to having others around them to do their work.

When ISIS secures the Iraqi region they will move into and through Jordan headed straight for Israel! The caliphate they are building Glenn Beck warned about years ago and was made fun of requires the entire middle eastern region. They have promised they will take Jerusalem stating it will be the capital of the new caliphate and then they will move to take the Vatican! It doesn’t stop there as ISIS has also promised to “raise the flag of allah in the White House”. Based on these radicals quick rise to power and ever-growing numbers do not underestimate them. If you think they don’t have operatives in the US you are gravely mistaken. They are here, strolling right across our southern border blending in with illegals from Mexico and Central and South America, waiting for the word to strike.