No Surprise, Obama Blames Bush for Rise of ISIS

Obama is correct ISIS is a spinoff of al Qaeda (they are the same really) but then he leaves the fact that they have been around long before George W Bush was President (approx 1988 even further if you go to root of radical islam which is Wahhabism). Leaving facts like that out is expected from this charlatan, great divider and master of blaming others for his failures. He will NEVER take responsibility for the carnage he has created on a global scale, it will always be George W Bush’s fault.

Never mind countless military commanders advised the emperor not to do a complete withdrawal from Iraq because of what would grow once the US left. Well here we are years later and like clock work a radical terrorist organization is not only bigger but bolder than that it spawned from. Sorry Barry economic and social inequality have nothing to do with so many willing to join ISIS either. You go right ahead spreading more lies and misinformation though it won’t change how history records the role you played allowing these monsters to gain so much power!

Barry YOU are responsible for ISIS, the growing caliphate and the complete destabilization of the middle east. Why some ask? Do your homework folks and take notice who obama supported in all the Arab uprisings. The admin was in fact supporting radical groups and regimes during the Arab Spring. For example the Iranian Green Revolution of 2009 was the people rising up against a radical regime, where was obama? Silent, offering no help whatsoever and as we saw the uprising was eventually squashed by the monsters in Tehran. This is the same Iranian regime the emperor is now negotiation with who will not be stopped in the development of nuclear weapons…