State Dept Tells Megyn Kelly Prisoner Swap for Bergdahl Was Absolutely “Worth It”

With a straight face State Dept Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki told Megyn Kelly the prisoner swap of 5 cold-blooded Taliban killers for deserter Bowe Bergdahl was “worth it”. And because Psaki can answer a question like this with a straight face she got promoted to White House Communications Director! That is how you get ahead in the worst and most corrupt administration in US history. The fact that six soldiers died looking for this guy, who by all accounts hated the US military so much so he sought refuge with the Taliban, was a non issue.

In a short time the Taliban 5 will be free to go back to their old ways when they kill innocent people and Americans one would hope someone will make this witch eat her words!

Kelly nailed Psaki when she said this prisoner swap was just a backdoor means to empty out Gitmo regardless of the future repercussions. Psaki in typical fashion rambled on incapable of giving a straight answer on majority of questions during the two-part interview. Obama and his radicals do not care about the US military and the American people. Everything they do is for political gain, to empower our enemies while weakening America.