Cruz Calls Obama Out: Insult Me to My Face

Sen Cruz is very eloquent calling obama out for making cheap insults at him and Americans while over seas for objecting to Syrian refugees being shipped to the US. Unfortunately being the coward obama is he will never insult Ted Cruz to his face or agree to a debate about the Syrian refugees.

I am one not gifted with being so nice as sen Cruz and have really F!@#$%^& HAD IT with this guys attacks against anyone who speaks out in disagreement with his radical destructive policies. The stories are now hitting the wire barry about the blessed little bearded orphan refugees using fake passports to get into Europe, Honduras and just give it time stories will hit about them using fake ID’s to get into the US. Oddly initial reports say they’re all fighter age men escaping war-torn Syria. Sorry can’t remember the last time good people seeking asylum used fake IDs.

Barry obama, soetoro, dunham or is it davis(?) this country has had just about enough of your mouth. Please go against the will of Americans, many of which are in the military, law enforcement, intelligence and Congress both republican and democrat. Please blatantly violate your oath to protect and defend the USA and making it easy for the people to have you thrown out of office. By all means bypass Congress the will of the people and ship in these poor orphaned bearded refugees so when 1 just one of them jaywalks, blows up or kills an American we can see you finally where you belong behind bars!

Congress you really need to man up and put impeachment on the table. This isn’t a joke anymore this guy is going to get Americans killed. If you standby and allow that to happen the blood will be on your hands and frankly I truly believe the pitchforks and torches will come out… if you’re all lucky.