Terror Threat is So High WH is Calling For “Wide Distribution of Tourniquets”

When you have the White House calling for “wide distribution of tourniquets” in public locations (schools, stadiums, theaters etc) you know something big is brewing.

If it weren’t for stories like this from the WSJ (that we could read between the lines) people would have no clue how bad of a threat the US is under by terrorists. The govt and media continue to downplay threats made by ISIS and jihadists as they push this lie “no credible specific threat has been made” yet we have countless vids (ones that are still around) from terrorists where they ID their targets and spell out the various tactics or weapons they’ll use. ISIS said they would strike Paris and they did. IS promises to strike Rome and the US, should said threats be dismissed since specific targets, day and time aren’t spelled out? Got news for you America they won’t and never will, again JUST LIKE PARIS! IS is telling us what their plans are, it is so irresponsible and dangerous for these threats to be dismissed by the media and govt officials.

Stay alert, be prepared and have a plan because the police and govt aren’t going to be there when we get hit.


Tourniquet Use Urged in Public-Safety Push
by Michael M Phillips | WSJ
WASHINGTON—The White House is pushing to make tourniquets as commonplace as heart defibrillators in U.S. schools, stadiums, airports, malls and other public places, to reduce fatalities from mass shootings and terror bombings.

Applying lessons learned on the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Obama administration wants ordinary citizens armed with both the will and ability to grab a tourniquet and stop the wounded from bleeding to death before trained medics arrive.

Last month, Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina placed more than 150 bleeding-control kits, including tourniquets, around the terminals, baggage claim and checkpoints. Schools in Wisconsin, Illinois and New York have put tourniquets in classrooms and school offices, and have taught teachers and nurses how to apply them.

The White House last month convened emergency managers, medical groups, health-care companies and school administrators to urge civilians with little or no medical training to intervene to stem hemorrhaging.

“Someone needs to ask the question: ‘With all of the shootings going on, why doesn’t every school in the country have hemorrhage-control devices?’ ” asked former Army surgeon John Holcomb, professor of surgery at the University of Texas in Houston and a national advocate for widespread tourniquet use.

Last week’s attack in Paris, which killed 129 people, is precisely the kind of tragedy advocates believe calls for the ready availability of tourniquets, for use when manual pressure isn’t enough to stanch bleeding. “It’s not a question of if it will happen on our own soil; it’s a matter of when,” Dr. Holcomb said…more