Obama to Address Nation on Terror Threat From the Oval Office

Everyone must be thrilled and waiting in suspense to hear what Darth Hussein™ has to say. Announcements from the Oval Office are usually reserved to address the nation on serious issues. Going to/ ending war, speaking after attacks or major policy changes, national disasters etc things that impact every Americans life. His majesty has rarely used this venue and that should be of concern after the San Bernardino terror attack.

Obama will surely address the threat terrorists pose against the US and will make promises how he will bring the fight to them. He will probably present a red line or two, making idle threats against ISIS while dodging and refusing to identify radical islam is at war with the US. After 7 years of this guy abusing the Constitution and the rule of law it’s safe to assume a power grab is coming in the name of national security.

As you know he has been looking relentlessly for an angle to justify getting gun control through. He could never get the political capital he needed after tragic mass killings like Sandy Hook. This time it’s different because it’s terrorists committing heinous acts using weapons many Americans own. So first he will call on Congress to make some common sense laws to “make it harder” for the wrong people to gain access to weapons. Then with the threat of terrorism on US soil he will be able to justify issuing Executive Orders on gun rights stating something to the effect that “we cannot wait for Congress to act”.  What you have to keep in mind is his majesty can make life very difficult for us legally, bypassing Congress by issuing regulations and fees through the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). Our old pal Cass Sunstein use to hold this position that he called a dream job. This is where the real dictatorial powers come into play over the American people without going through Congress.

Darth Hussein1You can keep your guns America, Darth Hussein™ said he will never touch the Second Amendment, but he never said he wouldn’t make it impossible to own and use said weapons!

Again you have to put the venue, Oval Office, into context with this speech. Obama is not going to tell us he’s taking us to war with terrorists he identifies as JV, that he refuses to acknowledge this “war” is about islam when he claimed it was over! Hopefully I’m completely wrong about this but based on his language, his actions of the past and that he and Sub-President Valerie Jarrett had a meeting on gun control with Gabby Giffords, Mark Kelly and who knows who else, it’s safe to assume Darth Hussein™ will come after our gun rights. Remember he has a year left to really let loose. There is nothing to stop him including our incompetent, impotent, inept, useless Congress who have surrendered many Constitutional powers to him already since they won majority.

Buckle up buckaroos!

Update 12/6/15: This big speech from the Oval Office turned out to be 13 minutes of nothing really as a terrorism expert explained on Judge Pirro..

What is interesting is what obama did when he talked about gun control. Most on social media was convinced an Executive Order announcement was coming, it did not so in my original post I am wrong. BUT what obama did do is punt the ball putting the burden on Congress to act. So part of my prediction is still on the table, as he is going to wait for Congress to act. When they do not and there is another mass killing or terrorist attack he will most likely move forward. It’s going to happen, it’s all he and the dems talk about where even presidential dem candidate Martin O’Malley is calling for an EO to confiscate guns in response to the NYTimes article calling for it!