Judge Pirro: Clinton’s Operating ‘Organized Criminal Enterprise’ in Name of Charity

Judge Jeanine Pirro must be giving a preview to her weekend show where she will most definitely “hit” Hillary Clinton one last time before voters head to the polls. Pirro and many other legal experts are all saying similar things that the Clinton’s are ‘like the mob’. They have more or less, in the name of charity, set up an ‘organized criminal enterprise’ using the State Dept as a means of enriching and empowering themselves.

Who makes over 100 million in just a few years producing nothing? Bill and Hillary are either financial geniuses or the biggest crooks on the planet getting away with criminal activity because of double standards THEY helped create! Both should be in jail but since we live in a Banana Republic they get rewarded. Anyone in denial of what Clinton has done I dare you to do the same and see what happens.