Obama Encourages DREAMers to Vote Without Fear of Being Reported

This clip of obama giving an interview to MITU’s Gina Rodriguez will make the blood shoot out of your eyes for sure when he answers the question about DREAMers aka illegal aliens voting! This was featured this morning on Fox Business’ Coast to Coast with Neil Cavuto who said this after…

“I can’t believe I heard what I heard. The President is even questioning whether the person who is an illegal is voting, outside of reminding people that if you’re a citizen you vote. But it’s very clear that the question is being asked was what about illegals voting and afraid that they might be reported to border security. You’re illegal, you cannot vote! And the President of the United States is saying “don’t worry no one will be spying on you, catching you” when maybe whether you’re for the President or against the President. Whether you’re pro immigration reform, anti-immigration reform, you are ignoring the fact that you’ve been questioned about a illegal voting which you can’t do! Why? Because you’re not a citizen of this country!

Cavuto then welcomed Fmr AZ Gov Jan Brewer to weigh in..

DREAMers are as much in this country illegally as their parents who brought them here, they ARE NOT citizens Ms Rodriguez!

The 14th Amendment has been perverted by the democrat party to allow citizenship to anchor babies when that was never its intention. Dems perverted it for this very reason, to get votes! 14A was to give rights and citizenship to slaves who were freed… slaves brought here against their will granted citizenship by the REPUBLICAN PARTY!! There is NOTHING in it that says come to the US ILLEGALLY, have a child who will be granted full citizenship and free stuff.

The left loves to say there isn’t voter fraud yet here we have the President of the United States encouraging it! Those in the media and in power don’t you dare preach to the American people voter fraud and a rigged system is a myth. This is borderline treason IMO and unfortunately we live under a Banana Republic so there is no one to stop any of this criminality from our leaders.