Pirro Destroys Clinton Being ‘Neither Capable, Nor Worthy’ of Leading America

Judge Pirro delivered her final opening statement before the 2016 election hammering away on corrupt Hillary Clinton and making the case to elect Trump. You seen the countless videos on this site from the Judge making case after case against Clinton. Tonight she went through all the big bullet points one more time demonstrating on how corrupt and frankly vulnerable Hillary is.

Clinton is under countless, and what seems to be never ending, investigations over her illegal email use. She abused her role in the State Dept taking money from foreign govt selling out the US to enrich herself and husband. That too is now under investigation, so who will take her seriously if she is always under investigation or worse for all we know will blackmail her if she is in the White House!?

Didn’t think of that did you? How many countries own Clinton and will blackmail her to get what they want at our expense? Look at what Iran has gotten out of us, imagine what will happen with the Saudis, Bahranians, Russians and others she has taken money from!

The American people will pay a price being under another “chapter of Clinton scandals”. She is the worst of the worst unworthy of leading this nation.

Pirro argues Trump is the only option this country has to stop Hillary and the corruption in DC, she epitomizes, we are all tired of seeing. We have 72 hours to decide between someone who is under constant investigation and has already sold us out or one who will work hard and stand for the Constitution.