Inauguration Protesters Want to Prevent Peaceful Transition of Power

Americans should be prepared for trouble of some sort on inauguration day because the same radicals who have been trashing this country over the last 8 yrs showed their ugly mugs the day after the election. Many wondered after a week how long it would continue? It’s safe to assume the Trump protests would’ve been indefinite had it not been for bad weather moving in to many cities these whiny infants were terrorizing. Also America, have you noticed none of the leadership on the left has come out to denounce the protests and threats to disrupt the inauguration!?

Radical leftists time after time have demonstrated what they are capable of. They infiltrated Ferguson protests turning it violent, and they showed up in Baltimore doing the same. Fact of the matter is all the violence we have seen on the streets of America over the last 8 years, more recently protesting Trump, have been by the hands of radical leftists like these dolts egged on by fat rich slobs, RevCom, Soros backed groups and Sharpton and his ilk. These domestic terrorists have been empowered and emboldened by the obama regime who has invited them to the White House!

That said let me be the first to say, go ahead protest Trump’s inauguration. Engage in your “peaceful” acts of “civil” disobedience like you always do because I want the world to see how well prepared law enforcement is, but more importantly the Secret Service! We know you people are incapable of controlling yourselves, we know your peaceful protests always turn violent so do it. Throw your bottles, destroy public property, assault bystanders, set things on fire all because obama’s third term via Clinton was stopped cold in it’s tracks. The adults are taking over who laugh at the idea of participation trophies and are going to take away all the free stuff you’ve been getting at the expense of hardworking taxpayers! So throw you infantile tantrums because you snowflakes didn’t get your way.

Please run out into Pennsylvania Ave as Pres Trump and the new First Lady are walking, waving to constituents so the Secret Service Counter-Assault Team can demonstrate how fast and effective they are.

Oh and this won’t be well received, but please one of you bring a gun and raise it so the WORLD can see how good of a shot the US Secret Service Snipers are!