The Show Must Go On!! Gavin McInnes:‏ Berkeley Speech is “Happening With or Without” Coulter (Watch)

While Ann Coulter has decided to back out from speaking at UC Berkeley, over threats from the left, others are planning to attend the speech anyway to take her place!

After learning Coulter had canceled, Libertarian radio host Gavin McInnes (“Pro: West, gun, life, gay, Israel, Trump. Anti: Nazi, antifa, censorship, feminist, Islam”) announced he was catching a plane out to UC Berkeley, where he and others will read her speech!

Based Stickman, Kyle Chapman, told the Daily Caller he is also planning to attend a rally at UC Berkeley as a show of resistance against domestic terrorists antifa and BAMN (supported by Mayor Arreguin) said he and others will be there too, regardless of the threats made by the violent intolerant democrat left.

Why hasn’t the DOJ stepped in at this point where American citizens First Amendment rights are being clearly violated by radical leftists? Just as Mark Levin argued, Pres Trump should federalize deploy the CA National Guard in Berkeley to escort, with Atty Gen Sessions, Coulter onto the campus and put down any resistance by these ‘Stalinist Bastards’.

You leftists just don’t get it. You’ve started something you can’t finish. Conservatives, TEA Party activists and the like will no longer be silenced and bullied.

“You called down the thunder, well now you got it!”