Pres Trump Will Donate $1,000,000 of His Own Money to Harvey Relief, Obama and Clinton’s?? (Video)

WH Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders announced President Trump will donate $1,000,000 of his own money to the Harvey relief effort. This leaves one wondering how much have the obama’s and clinton’s donated? Where are they in this time of crisis? They’re both quick to criticize Trump yet, correct me if I’m wrong, neither has lifted a finger to date to help the victims of this historic flood.

That said, and with this news, you can be sure these backbenchers will feel pressured to donate time and money to save face.Time will tell as obama was busy golfing during most tragedies and the clinton’s are always looking for an angle to get rich from tragedy.

The media will of course spin this donation that Trump is only doing it because he wasn’t empathetic enough during his presser. There’s nothing he can do that will ever satisfy the destroy Trump media.