Lib Professor Says Trump is a ‘Weaponized Virus’ Made by Vladimir Putin (Video)

Walter Isaacson, a Tulane Professor educating many people’s children, appeared on MSNBC-13’s Morning Joe making an absurd claim that Pres Trump is like a weaponized virus made by Putin. It’s quite a rare occurrence but site is going to agree with an unhinged Leftist that Trump is like a weaponized virus! BUT he is NOT a creation of Vladimir Putin.

Weaponized viruses can be a good thing when they rid the body of disease. Scientists do it all the time, for instance they weaponize the body to destroy some forms of cancer.

The Trump Virus, is one created by the American people sick and tired of Leftists and RINO’s, progressives really, running this country into the ground. The old treatments, doing things the same old way, electing career politicians etc haven’t been working. We needed something that could not only punch but destroy the problems.. the disease this nation is suffering from, domestic and internationally. For far too long we played it safe that got us nowhere, so like medicine taking radical steps to wipe out disease the people elected Donald Trump.

Progressives don’t get it, they don’t understand what Trump is doing is exactly what the People want. Heck we want more than what he is doing. This name calling and suggesting POTUS is a tool of Russia is just another example of Trump Derangement Syndrome (a disease that needs to be wiped out as well) because Trump is wiping out all the “diseased tissue” created by progressives.

Sadly as pointed out above, Isaacson is tasked with educating many Americans children. He is but another example why you should keep your kids out of university and college indoctrination camps. All the arguments for a college education no longer hold up. Invest the money in a business or encourage they learn a trade; do you know how much a plumber, electrician, mechanic, 3D modeler etc can make an hour!? A hell of a lot more than some jackass getting a degree in sociology!

Yes Trump is a weaponized virus that is doing a hell of job destroying how things used to be. Those old ways did nothing for the people, they empowered and enriched elitists while leaving us feeling we had another one put over on us. From the looks of it we’re going to need another dose of this virus come 2020 too, hopefully after that Trump Derangement Syndrome will be wiped out!